What Else

Okay, so now what? How else do I keep the God-centered conversations going in my family as I go about my busy life?

I’m so glad you asked.

Here are some additional ideas for keeping the Lord at the center of our daily lives and teaching our kids as we go along the way. (Deuteronomy 6:7)

  • Listen to a Christian song (doesn’t have to be an annoying kid song!) and pause it in the middle. Pull out a line from the song and ask your kids what they think it means. (For example: “What does it mean when the song says that God is a ‘good, good father’?”)
  • Ask your child basic questions about God and the Bible.
    • What’s your favorite Bible story?
    • What confuses you the most about God?
    • What’s your favorite thing about God?
    • Tell me some words that you can think of to describe Jesus.
    • When you meet Jesus face-to-face, what would you want to talk to Him about?
  • Let your kids see you reading from a PAPER Bible. I’m a fan of the Bible app in terms of accessibility. But, when your kids see you looking at your phone it doesn’t matter if you’re on social media, watching a tv show, or reading the Bible. It looks the same to them! So let them see the tangible Book of Life that you’re reading!
  • And when they find you reading the Bible, use it as an opportunity to tell them what you were just reading and any thoughts that you have about it.
  • If your kiddo can read, have him/ her practice reading with you from the Bible. I find it works best to alternate reading verses. I read one verse and then they read the next and repeat!
  • Take a walk and talk about the intricacies of God’s creation in the things you see.
  • Tell your kids your story. How did your life change when you came to know the Lord?
  • Pray with your children. You pray and set the example while also giving them the opportunity to pray too!
  • Blast the worship music in the car, in your home, when you exercise, when you cook dinner, etc. Let them learn the same worship songs you love too!